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DBM Dead Burned Magnesite

DBM Dead Burned Magnesite

  • Art No.:DBM-SG33
  • Brand Name:SG
  • Specification:DMB 90-97%
  • Place Of Origin:China

Star Grace Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoning Province, it is always known as the World Capital of Magnesite. We have engaged in mine drilling since 2003. Owning magnesite mine and 32 furnace,  we are specialized in supplying Magnesium Oxide powder, Dead Burned Magnesite, Fused magnesite.  Our output and exports have continued to growing year by year.  Every month,  hundreds containers or bulk shipment are handled at port to global market with good quality and reasonable price.  We have developed nearly 100 customers in different countries. Hope you will be the next one!

DBM- Dead Burned Magnesite   is produced in the Rotary Kiln by sintering raw magnesite at a controlled temperature of 1750 degree centigrade and its chemically inactive. Dead Burnt Magnesite is consume almost exclusively in the production of Refractory Field. This products are used in:

  • Refractory Industry for manufacture of Basic Refractory Bricks
  • Manufacture of Ramming Mass composition, Fettling material and Magnesite Mortar
  • It is used in SLAG beneficialness and in SLAG splashing in Arc Furnaces
  • It is also used as a coating material in Steel Industry.

Fused Magnesite in refractory are manufactured by high purity caustic calcined magnesite through electro-fusing,a part of SiO2,moves to the surface because of the huge difference in the specific which well grown crystals,well crystal perfection and structure homogeneity,excellent chemical stability,good corrosion resistance to slag and high stength at high is main raw .material for manufacturing magnesia or magnesia-carbon Bric refractories.The manufactures are mainly used in regenerative chamber in the large scale glass furnace by floating method,electrical furnace,convert furnace,house hold electrical appliances as electrical insulating materials and so on.


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